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Stephanie Kretz
We look forward to helping you!
Stephanie Kretz
Director and Dipl.-Ing.

Center Stuttgart: +49-711-121 996 42
Stephanie Kretz : +49-178-785 738 9
E-mail: team@stephaniekretz.eu
(Monday till Friday from 9 am - 6 pm CET)


SKT - Stephanie Kretz & Team - Ihre EU-Experten, Juristen, Planer
Unser Center Stuttgart, Deutschland Unser Center Brüssel, Belgien

    In 2003 Stephanie Kretz & Team  set up a consultancy company for EU funds, EU law, Internationalisation and transport planning for seniors. Today, SKT offers comprehensive consulting based on:

         Analysis                                Training                             e-Books                     Project support

    SKT-Analysis       SKT-Trainings       SKT-e-Books       SKT-Project support

    Our powerful team of 5 EU-Experts, 4 Lawyers, 6 Planners and a stable network
    of partners makes it possible to work successful across 34 countries.

    + We currently support 214 customers: further information available upon request.

    + Stephanie Kretz's publications are listed in Google in the top 10:
        profile available upon request.

    + Our Center Brussels have earned a reputation.

    + We support the network City for Mobility.