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Stephanie Kretz
We look forward to helping you!
Stephanie Kretz
Director and Dipl.-Ing.

Center Stuttgart: +49-711-121 996 42
Stephanie Kretz : +49-178-785 738 9
E-mail: team@stephaniekretz.eu
(Monday till Friday from 9 am - 6 pm CET)


SKT - Stephanie Kretz & Team - Ihre EU-Experten, Juristen, Planer
Unser Center Stuttgart, Deutschland Unser Center Brüssel, Belgien

    EU Application Form Check by SKTEU Application Form Check

    Applicant should adhere strictly to the specifications of the tender and in particular keep the work program. It applies, the prescribed topics in the project application to convince the evaluation expert of the relevance of the project application.

    The application should also be explained, what to expect concrete results (eg products, processes, services, patents, prototypes, methods, techniques, statistics, scientific data, publications, events, etc.) from the project work.
    In addition, the consortium is in this context, the work plan of the  project, in which the distribution of tasks and the interplay between the various partners are described. This is the structure and content of project planning as well as  transparent structural linkage of the individual parts of the whole  project.

    When you request us to check your data provided, our experts analyse the following criteria:

    - All documents are completed?
    - Are all instructions, guidelines and laws of the tender included?
    - The evaluation criteria have been fully complied?
    - Does the project application cover the topic with proofs?
    - Concept, methodology and work plan fit together in time?
    - Are benefits of the project proves with the goals of the program?
    - Does the consortium knowledge show the project aims?

    We will send you a detailed feedback sheet with suggested solutions. Persuade the evaluation expert with an excellent EU conform proposal!

    Processing time: 24 hours, 3-5 days if previously registered and paid.

    Price, payment and what’s next? > Fact sheet.

    References, Networks and Partners: available upon request.