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Stephanie Kretz
We look forward to helping you!
Stephanie Kretz
Director and Dipl.-Ing.

Center Stuttgart: +49-711-121 996 42
Stephanie Kretz : +49-178-785 738 9
E-mail: team@stephaniekretz.eu
(Monday till Friday from 9 am - 6 pm CET)


SKT - Stephanie Kretz & Team - Ihre EU-Experten, Juristen, Planer
Unser Center Stuttgart, Deutschland Unser Center Brüssel, Belgien

    Your Brussels Representation by SKT
      EU Agency:
    Your Brussels Representation

    The EU agency has a key role in communicating with your interests to the EU institutions, European embassies of EU and global countries in Brussels and the transmission of European information.

    Representation abut its function and thus to meet your interests and positions, the agency must get involved early on in the European decision-making and  tendering process.

    The following questions are particularly to the fore:

    - What projects and tenders, the European Commission will launch?
    - What initiatives will implement the European embassies?
    - How will your interest situation be?
    - How can we introduce your position effectively?
    - Which other e.g., enterprises or colleges, divide your position?

    Service package
    - Analysis of your position and interests
    - Address in Brussels
    - Monthly updates on projects, tenders and initiatives of the EU Institutions,
         the European embassies of EU and global countries
    - Personnel representation at meetings and conferences in Brussels
    - Organizing and conducting meetings and conferences

    Use our Center in Brussels and our EU expert team!

    Price, payment and what’s next? > Fact sheet.

    References, Networks and Partners: available upon request.